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New Affiliates

New Affiliates

You can make a difference! Interested in volunteering or starting a new CANTER program? Contact Nancy at Read more

Welcome! CANTER Texas

We welcome a new affiliate to CANTER—CANTER Texas! New horse listings are NOW available! If you are a Texas trainer looking to list a horse, or want to become a volunteer for Texas, please contact Laura Holmes at: Read more

Welcome! CANTER Washington

We welcome a new affiliate to CANTER—CANTER Washington! New horse listings will be available soon! If you are a Washington trainer looking to list a horse, or wish to become a volunteer for Washington, please contact Alexandra Jackson at: Read more
Thank You ASPCA

Thank You ASPCA

CANTER's nationwide program and successful transition of thoroughbreds off racetracks across the country is generously  supported by ASPCA through its "Rescuing Racers Initiative". CANTER thanks ASPCA for its support in 2014! Read more
Portrait Fundraiser! BOGO!!!

Portrait Fundraiser! BOGO!!!

Hand-drawn portraits at affordable prices!! Buy one portrait at regular price, get a second portrait of equal value for free! CANTER will receive $50 for each PAID order!!! For more information Email Wanda at Read more
Pennsylvania Featured Horses


It'snoteasybeingme, 2009 Chestnut Gelding, 15.3 hands. As cute as they come! This flashy gelding was a ton of fun for his listing. He has been out of training for several months, yet he was very easy to handle for his listing and his trainer even had a rider hop on bareback to show how mellow he is.... Read more

Hey Charlie

PA-T2499-01 Hey Charlie, 2008 bay gelding, 16.3 hands.  "Charlie" has been with his  current trainer since he was just a baby, so you'll get all the history with this one!  A solid citizen who loves to please his humans, this boy is a trainer favorite.  With a deliberate, even stride, a touch of suspension and a natural self-carriage, Dressage may be a successful niche for him, but he also seems powerful enough for Jumpers as well.  Charlie suffered a bowed tendon in his left front a few years ago, but the bow is set and hard.  He also has a slight breathing issue when he races, but this is commonly seen in racehorses and rarely affects them in future careers away from the track.  He jogged soundly for his listing, making this guy the total package!  $2499, negotiable.  Enrique Alonso Jr. 954-531-9901.  (Grantville, PA)


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CANTER's Misson

The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) provides retiring thoroughbred racehorses with opportunities for new careers.

You can make a difference! Interested in volunteering, fostering or starting a new CANTER program? Contact your closest CANTER affilliate!