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New Affiliates

New Affiliates

You can make a difference! Interested in volunteering or starting a new CANTER program? Contact Nancy at Read more

Welcome! CANTER Texas

We welcome a new affiliate to CANTER—CANTER Texas! New horse listings are NOW available! If you are a Texas trainer looking to list a horse, or want to become a volunteer for Texas, please contact Laura Holmes at: Read more

Welcome! CANTER Washington

We welcome a new affiliate to CANTER—CANTER Washington! New horse listings will be available soon! If you are a Washington trainer looking to list a horse, or wish to become a volunteer for Washington, please contact Alexandra Jackson at: Read more
Thank You ASPCA

Thank You ASPCA

CANTER's nationwide program and successful transition of thoroughbreds off racetracks across the country is generously  supported by ASPCA through its "Rescuing Racers Initiative". CANTER thanks ASPCA for its support in 2014! Read more
Portrait Fundraiser! BOGO!!!

Portrait Fundraiser! BOGO!!!

Hand-drawn portraits at affordable prices!! Buy one portrait at regular price, get a second portrait of equal value for free! CANTER will receive $50 for each PAID order!!! For more information Email Wanda at Read more
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Also known as Bart, this 10 year old bay gelding stands 15,3 and is racetrack sound. After winning over $350,000, his owner wanted him to have a well deserved rest. He is avilable for adoption and could train in many disciplines. He is smart and well mannered. Click on Arizona Canter Lisitings to... Read more
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Custom CANTER Stall Plates

Saucy Piaffe Inc. is now offering stall plates through CANTER Arizona. Saucy Piaffe will be contributing $3 per plate to CANTER Arizona. Order your custom stall plate today!



Annie Rides Again


Cave Creek, Arizona, May 6th, 2015, was a day of some significance to friends and supporters of jockey Anne Von Rosen and a retired Thoroughbred Racehorse named Devgru.

The reunion of Devgru and Von Rosen was the culmination of a long journey for both. The two first crossed paths on the track at Turf Paradise in October 2012 when Annie rode Devgru to a win. The two partnered for a total of five races logging two wins and a photo for second. Then in early 2013, the talented horse sustained a career ending injury that resulted in knee surgery and adoption by CANTER Arizona. Rehabilitation was long and difficult but happily resulted in Devgru being certified as an Equine Pyschotherapy horse and working for a time with Horse Rhythm Foundation, an organization serving wounded veterans and first responders.

The following year, on March 11, 2014, jockey Von Rosen was seriously injured crossing the finish line in a race at Turf Paradise that left her partially paralyzed. Annie endured two life saving surgeries and rehabilitation stints in Colorado, Germany and Puerto Rico where she continues to work towards a long term goal of walking again. In the interim, she set a goal of once again being able to ride her old friend Devgru.

Due to the hard work of CANTER Arizona and trainer Vicki Dryer, Annie’s dream has been realized. This wonderful reunion took place at Dryer’s Bit O Luck farm with friends, horsemen and women along with Devgru’s veterinarian, Dr. Mark Anderson all in attendance.

A warm breeze gently blew as horse and rider met once again. Devgru stood rock solid as Annie mounted from a special ramp and almost routinely hugged her old friend before they made several circuits in the round pen.

When it was over a Champaign celebration ensued with spirited conversation and laughter. This would not be an uncommon sight except for one thing. Directly in the middle of this gathering stood an un-tethered racehorse moving within the crowd as if participating in the conversation. What a fitting ending to a simple yet wonderful day.

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Injured Jockey Reunited with Canter Horse


On Wednesday, April 1st, Jockey Anne Von Rosen reunited with Devgru a horse she rode numerous times at Turf Paradise, prior to a serious race accident just over a year ago. During her recovery and rehabilitation Von Rosen vowed she would return and ride Devgru, a horse she won twice on and finished in a photo for second. During the last year Devgru was on his own journey. He was donated to Canter Arizona, underwent knee surgery and was trained as an Equine Psychotherapy Horse. He has worked with disabled veterans and has been adopted by his trainer Vicki Dryer.
The photos below captures the moment the two met in the round pen. Devgru was tender and gentle. On her next visit, Von Rosen will attempt a short ride, something she has dreamed of for a long time.
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Devgru Update

Today, April 25, 2014, Devgru will began his new job as an Equine Pychotherapy horse as he is now fully qualified to interact with returning vets and first responders at Horse Rhythm Foundation in Phoenix, AZ. Canter Arizona has committed to sponsoring Devgru's work for the next year. As such we are seeking financial support for this program. If you are interested in supporting this effort please click on "Make a Donation," on the Arizona Main Menu. Below is a link to a recent article published in the Off-Track Thoroughbred Blog:

New Career for Devgru

Devgru, a Canter Arizona owned thoroughbred has recovered from his knee surgery sufficiently to go on long rides in the desert with his Canter trainer, Vicki Dryer. Vicki is a Gold Star mom, having lost her son Corey a little over two years ago in Afghanistan. Through her love of horses and her connections in the veteran community Vicki has arranged for Canter Arizona to team with Horse Rhythm Foundation (HRF) in an effort to get Vicki and Devgru certified to work with returning vets and first responders. Horse Rhythm founder Sahika Riley has met with Canter Arizona founder Dennis Miller and have discussed the logistics of this partnership. Also assisting with veteran communications is Colonel Bill Sahno, USMC, Retired, a decorated war vet and member of the Arizona Veteran Hall of Fame.


“We are excited to have Devgru and Vicki in their new career working in the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy field with HRF,” said Riley. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Devgru and his progress with our veterans and first responders.

If you would like to support Devgru in his new career, please make donations payable to Canter Arizona with a notation specifying funds are to support Devgru. Contact Adam Trenk at 602-402-3335 for questions. To donate "click" Make a Donation, on the Arizona Main Menu.

To read the full story of Devgru click Read More, below.


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Welcome to CANTER Arizona

CANTER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing retiring racehorses with opportunities for new careers after the finish line.

CANTER believes Thoroughbreds are winners on and off the track!

You can bet on it!

Executive Director for CANTER Arizona

Dennis Miller

For information, questions, comments, or concerns, please email the address below for the quickest response! If you are unable to contact a trainer/owner for a horse listed on CANTER Arizona please contact us at:

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The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) provides retiring thoroughbred racehorses with opportunities for new careers.

You can make a difference! Interested in volunteering, fostering or starting a new CANTER program? Contact your closest CANTER affilliate!